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Webinars are web-based seminars.  By using a telephone and the internet, a broad audience of attendees can participate in a seminar without having to leave their desks.

Webinars are as effective as on-site presentations without the travel expense.

Instruct-online re-formats slide presentations into attractive, professional web pages, using our exclusive software.  This web presentation combined with a phone-bridge (traditional tele-conference) allows your audience to listen and interact with the teacher/speaker. 

IOL's software allows your audience to ask questions any time by submitting them on-line; if desired, the phone lines can be opened up for questions and discussion.  Also during the presentation you can poll the audience for pre-determined or impromptu questions to gather information to assure that your message is being understood. There is the ability to take the audience to another pre-determined website or to add a slide with new information during the presentation. The moderator advances the slides of the Webinar for your audience.

The advantages of an on-site presentation with no travel expense:

  • Slides you can see while the speaker is talking
  • Ability to ask questions of the speaker
  • Ability of the speaker to ask questions of the audience to assure comprehension
  • Survey at the end of the presentation for feedback to improve your presentation