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Online-Instruction provides a method of giving up-to-date instruction in a given area. There are no printing costs associated with manuals, so the textbook can be updated quickly and efficiently. Online-Instruction entails going through a set course on the internet. An internet connection is all that is required; therefore, there are no long-distance telephone bills.

The student can work at his/her own pace, going through the series of courses to complete the curriculum.

Testing is given at regular intervals to ensure that the material is being understood, and the scores are recorded for each individual student. Each student has a number assigned to them, so many students may take the same course at the same time. The testing results can be made available to those specified by the student .

If a student is having problems with the material, help is available during the course. The student may e-mail questions about the material or test and an answer will be returned to the student in a timely manner.