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What is a Pop-up Blocker

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What are Pop-ups?

Unwanted pop-ups are screens that come up when you're surfing the internet.  You go to one page and an ad opens up on another page.  They are often the products of spyware.

Because they're so common and irritating, pop-up blockers are popular.  This seems like a great idea, but these programs often block useful pop-ups like Instruct-online's self-studies and tests.

When you have pop-up blocking software installed, you will not be able to access your self-studies and tests.

How do you turn them off?  First you have to find them.  Look at the links to the left for instructions on how to turn off some of the most common ones.


To Test for Pop-up Blockers, click here,

If a new window does not appear, you have pop-ups blocked and must enable them before proceeding.

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